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Location: Shortcut to Homepage /R/C Helicopters/6 Channel Helicopter/2.4G Walkera V370D05 FLYBARLESS Metal Edition Helicopter w/ 6ch WK-2603 TX RTF Combo

2.4G Walkera V370D05 FLYBARLESS Metal Edition Helicopter w/ 6ch WK-2603 TX RTF Combo

2.4G Walkera V370D05 FLYBARLESS Metal Edition Helicopter w/ 6ch WK-2603 TX RTF Combo

Product Information

2.4G Walkera V370D05 FLYBARLESS Metal Edition Helicopter

w/ 6ch WK-2603 TX RTF Combo


"Most Easy Helicopter for Outdoor!"
Beginners always demand a practice model for fist time outdoor flying, and now this model is arrived - the V370D05. We played it and we loved it! We love the simplicity and easiness of this baby, and most of all, the price. Although it has a brushed main and tail motor, but since the heli is so light, they do the job very well, the heli runs so quietly and so smooth, we add throttle and it just lift off vertically, perfect! Thanks to the light weight body, the rotor blades do not need to spin at high speed to take off, you feel less stress and pure joy while playing this heli. V370D05 is a 6-Channel Flybarless Collective Pitch Helicopter with tail motor controlled rudder. First, the use of normal brushed motor and tail motor have greatly reduced the manufacturing cost, and it adapted the latest RC Heli technology, that is the 3-Axis Gyro and the Flybarless Rotor Head reduced 50% of moving parts, this makes the production much faster and easier, and you have a lot less parts to replace after a crash, so it would be a Win Win solution for all players! You may say it is a low price model and just "OK" to make a simple hovering? On the contrary, it flies very stable! Thanks for a few good features on the V370D05, the light weight, the flybarless collective pitch(CP) rotor head, the 3-Axis Gyro and powerful motor, we can do 3D aerobatic flight with the stock setup!

What's special about V370D05? It looks ordinary....
The special thing is the Size, it's a bit longer than your keyboard, and it's a 6-Channel Collective Pitch Helicopter, this means it can fight light breeze in outdoor condition. There are not many CP helicopters this small that is able to fly outdoor, and the V370D05 is one of them. You may ask, what's the difference between V370D05 and V400D02? V370D05 is smaller, V400D02 is larger, that's all.How about V370D01 and V370D05? V370D01 is Fixed Pitch, V370D05 is Collective Pitch (3D). By the way, the model numbers are quite troublesome.....

V370D05 Specification:
1). Main Rotor Diameter: 555 mm
2). Tail Rotor Diameter: 146 mm
3). Overall Length: 545mm
4). All-up Weight: 375g (Battery included)
5). Battery: 7.4V 1200mAh Li-Po
6). Mian Motor: 370SH
7). Tail Motor: 1627F
8). GYRO: 3-axis
9). Receiver: RX-2614V
11).Servo: wk-7.6-5

V370D05  Features:
1). The metal rotor head cut by CNC, designed without flybar, features low power loss and great efficiency improvement.
2). Controlled by 3-axis gyro,with flybarless balance electronic system, amend flight status automatically, makes more stable flight and flexible 3D performance.
3). High performance brush motor powered by 7.4V1200mAh Lipo battery can fly 9-10minutes after fully charged.
4). 2.4G Frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology automatically assigns ID code with strong anti-jamming and high accuracy


Package Include:

  • Walkera V370D05 FLYBARLESS Metal Edition 2.4G 6CH Helicopter
  • 6-channels 2.4G Transmitter (WK-2603) with large LCD display New!
  • 6-channels 2.4G Receiver (RX-2614V) New!
  • 7.4V 1200mAh Rechargeable Li-polymer Battery 
  • Charger
  • English Manual

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Price: $399.00 $239.00

Product Options:
Add Anti-Crash Kit
Add Extra Li-Pol Battery
Add Extra Main Blade
Transmitter Mode

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