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Unbreakable X-Rotation 3CH RC Helicopter RTF

Unbreakable X-Rotation 3CH RC Helicopter RTF

Product Information


2008 Latest X-Rotation 3CH RC Helicopter

Ready to Fly!!!



It's featured by the revolutionary coaxial rotors,the safest structure to avoid any scratches while playing.Moreover,the rotor can be replaceable simply and easily in minutes. The Trestle is made of high strength metal so that it's still in good condition even the helicopter falls down from 5m height for times.It's strong made frame provides more stress resistance. The Flexible tail rotor made it fly very stably forward & backward & left & All design keeps it lighter to reduce power consume and any shock-proof.

Preparing for take OFF:
1) Extend the antenna on the radio control handset and switch the handset ‘ON’(LED on handset will flash once)
2) Extend the blades separately or it may be entangle each other and cause blade breaking or burn out the motor.
3) Switch the helicopter ‘ON’(Switch on bottom of the helicopter)
4) Place the helicopter on a flat, hard surface with the tail pointing towards you and the nose facing away from you.
5) Move the left joystick on the handset fully forward and fully back, this will arm the controller and connect to the helicopter.

Launch time: Take Off and Landing
1) Move the left joystick slowly forward – the rotors will start to spin
2) As you move the joystick past the halfway point the helicopter will lift off
3)To ascend- move the left stick further forward (Very small adjustment are needed as controls are sensitive)
4)To descend- slowly move the stick backwards

1) To turn the nose of the helicopter left, move the right hand joystick to the left
2) To turn the nose of the helicopter right, move the right hand joystick to the right
3) To fly the helicopter forwards, move the right hand joystick forwards. The joysticks are very sensitive, small controlled movements should be used at all times.
4) To fly the helicopter backwards, move the right hand joystick backwards

To land the helicopter slowly
move the left joystick backwards, before the helicopter touches the ground give the left joystick a quick burst upward to cushion landing.

Using the trim controls:
The Salvation 9 is fitted with three trim controls. These allow you to adjust the flight of the helicopter and remove any unwanted turning tendencies.

Trim 1: Located right of Throttle: Trim provides extra force to elevate helicopter. After fully charging the helicopter place trim to lowest position to dampen down throttle. When battery begins to losser power, push trim fully forward for extra power.
NB*Ensure trim is returned to the lowest position before you begin to fly again, if too much power is transmitted to helicopter handset LED light will not turn ‘ON’
Located left of Right Joystick: Trim provides extra force to move helicopter forward and backwards.
Trim3: Located beneath Right Joystick: Trim removes unwanted spinning after takeoff .If helicopter spins right move trim control to the left and visa versa. If helicopter continues to spin after adjusting trim fully left or right, please refer to ‘How to fine tune The Salvation



1) Ensure the helicopter ON/OFF switch is in the OFF position.
2) Plug the AC Charging Adaptor into a wall socket and ensure the socket is turned on. A red light on the charger should appear.
3) Connect the end of the charging cable to the charging socket on the side of the helicopter, the plug will easily connect to the socket and does not need to be forced together as it will only fit one way. When plugged into the helicopter the charger light should go OUT!!
4) Charging is complete when the LED on the charging adaptor lights up red. (around 45 minutes)
5) Switch off the AC Charging Adaptor at the wall socket and remove the charging cable from the Salvation 9.
6) LEAVE THE HELICOPTER FOR 2 MINUTES for battery to cool.
7) You’re now ready for take off.

Charging information: LED Indicators
1) Battery charging :
LED on AC charging adaptor off
2) Battery fully charged :LED on AC charging adaptor red
3) Charging fault :LED on AC charging adaptor flashing (the charging cable is not properly connected to the Salvation 9 or the Salvation 9 is switched on)
4) Radio Control Handset battery low :LED on handset flashing and control distance reduced (replace battery).


1. Up to 10-15 minutes flight time.
2. 3.7V 350mah lithium polymer battery is installed in the helicopter.
3. Completely stable in flight.
4. Perfect for indoor flight.
5. 3D flight, go forward, left and right
6. Rear rotor stabilizer for controlled turns
7. Hover trimming tab on controller stable hover and full 3-D flight
8. 3-channel radio controller

Package Content:

A. 1 X helicopter;
B. 1 X controller ;
C. 1 X 3.7V output transformer;
D. 1 X  manual.


The Salvation 9 contains a Lithium Polymer battery that should not be discharged to a low voltage. To prevent this, recharge the helicopter when it no longer lifts off the ground.
1) Never leave your Salvation 9 charging near a fire or other source of heat.
2) Never leave the Salvation 9 unattended during charging.
3) Always disconnect from the mains once fully charged – don’t leave to ‘trickle charge’ as this may damage the battery.
4) Never disassemble the charger.
5) Only use the charger supplied with the Salvation 9.
6) NEVER STORE HELICOPTER WITHOUT CHARGING FIRST. This may damage the battery, always charge for 10mins minimum after use.




Perfect Indoor Helicopter
With flight stabilizing system and 3CH digital proportional control, its speed can be adjusted and become the nimblest indoor helicopter in the world.
Fashionable Appearance
Using special paint and fashionable design, it gives you a cool looking which is totally different from other.
Strong Structure
Beginner will love the durability of the helicopter as it can be crashed over and over again without any damage.
Durable Performance
With built-in high capacity rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery, it can fly up to 10-12 minutes continuously
Super Light Weight
With two feather-light mini motors and unique materials, its weight is super light.


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