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Location: Shortcut to Homepage /Electric R/C Cars/Cars/New R/C Spy Camera Car w/ Build In LCD Screen

New R/C Spy Camera Car w/ Build In LCD Screen

New R/C Spy Camera Car w/ Build In LCD Screen

Product Information

Built-in Spy Video Camera
A miniature wireless video camera installed in its body transmits images instantly to the controller with a 2.4” color TFT LCD display screen.
Wide-received Sound Monitor.
Monitor all the speech clearly far around the car with wireless microphone and earphone.
Fantastic Combat Function
Tri-band-switch allows up to 3 users to fight together with infrared combat technology and enables your spy car to counterattack others’ spy purpose.
Super Long Control Distance
You can drive your spy car far 30m away to undertake your spy mission stealthily.
AV Out Function
Support the user to connect controller with TV/Camcorder for extra fun

1) Built-in miniature wireless video camera (2.4GHz)
2) 2.36'' Color TFT LCD display screen on the controller and On board wireless microphone
3) Fantastic combat function enables your spy car to counterattack other's spy purpose
4) Vivid laser technology (infra-red) supports you to aim at your target more closely
5) Video and audio output support the end user to connect the controller to TV/camcorder
6) 2 ultra-bright white headlights (remote controlled)
7) Control distance : 30 meters
8) 3 channels switch allows up to 3 people to play together
9) Can move backward and forward, left and right

Packing Infos

1)9.6v 700mAh battery pack for the spy car body(depends)
2)user manual
4)spy car

Product size: 38*23*16cm
Color box size: 59*29.5*20.5cm
Carton size: 61*43*62cm


a.Ensure both spy car and controller are switched “ON”(Indicated by red LED light on both car and handset) 
b.Switch the LCD switch on the handset “ON”, and you can spy anything by the color LCD display. 
a.To steer the car forward, move the left lever forward. 
b.To steer the car backward, move the left lever backward. 
c.To steer the car to right, move the right lever to right.
d.To steer the car to left, move the right lever to left. 
a.Push “Laser Trigger” on controller to fire laser. The Spy Car will give off a laser firing sound. 
b.The spy car is equipped with a high tech laser offensive and defensive system which are located in front and rear section of the car.
c.Whenever sensors are hit with laser burst from an alternative spy car, all four LED tail lights will flash and the car will vibrate.
d.After the forth hit, the tail lights flash simultaneously and the car deactivates.
e.To restart car and continue play, turn car “OFF” and then “ON” again. 

This toy is not intended for continual use for long period. Turn off car and controller and allow to rest during charging. The enclosed 9.6V battery pack must be charged before use.
1. Insert the end of the battery charger wire into the end of the battery pack wire as shown.
2. Plug the battery charger into a wall outlet.(Average charging time is approximately 4-5 hours).
3. After recharging, remove the charger from the wall outlet.
4. Disconnect the battery pack from the battery charger.

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Product Code: NEWF11

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