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Latest 2009 2.4GHz 4CH Walkera Lama2-1 RC Helicopter

Latest 2009 2.4GHz 4CH Walkera Lama2-1 RC Helicopter

Product Information

Latest 2009 2.4GHz 4CH Walkera Lama2-1 RC Helicopter

Ready to Fly


This newest 2.4GHz Lama2-1 version of the popular 4 Channel RC electric helicopters is easier than ever to fly. The coaxial counter-rotating blades cancel out the rotational torque that makes hovering a conventional helicopter so difficult while providing unsurpassed stability in all phases of the flight. Then consider the improved 2.4GHz RC system with brand new 2.4GHz intelligent spread spectrum transmission technology & digital DSK coding technology, coupled with brand new digital servos, which ensure a faster response for more precise control. With this system, several can fly together without the concern and hassle of crystal management. Whether you are a beginner or expert pilot looking for the best in coaxial micro helicopter performance, you'll enjoy many of the outstanding features that this Lama2 has to offer.

Unlike toy helicopters usually with only two channels, the Lama2 provides 4 channels for precise realistic control: Throttle for altitude, Roll for side-to-side, Pitch for forward-reverse and Yaw which allows you to rotate the helicopter in any desired direction while hovering or moving.

The Esky Lama2-1 features a sleek modern body with split fuselage connected by two carbon fiber rods for easy access to the internals and is extremely durable.

This Ready-To-Fly Out-Of-The-Box RC electric helicopter includes everything you need to fly and includes a transmitter simulator cable and FMS software for practice on your computer. The pre-installed main motors, 4-in-1 control unit receiver, mixer, ESC, and gyro, the high speed, high performance micro servos, and powerful Li-po battery pack, you'll have extended flight time per charge (10-15 minutes)





1). All-up Weight: 50g (Battery included)
2). Receiver: RX-2412
3). Gyro: Built-in
4). Battery: 3.7V 400mAh Li-Po
5). Transmitter: WK-2402
6). Drive Motor: 2*1215FE
7). Main Rotor Dia.: 175mm
8). Main Rotor Dia.: 175mm

9). Overall Length: 200mm


1). Coaxial structure and palm-sized dimension are used to make Lama 2 as the optimal model for indoor enterainment.
2). New 2.4G technology, with the functions of automatic identification and precise code pairing, can allow above many aircrafts to fly in the same field and same time.
3). It utilizes the 2.4G receiving circuit with built-in gyro sensitivity adjustment.
4). Lama 2, equipped with stroke servo, features light weight, easy operation, prompt response and fine travel control.
5). High performance 2*1215FE motor, powered by 3.7V 400mAh Lipo, offers 8-to11-minute flight time, depending on the flight modes.

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Price: $329.00 $109.00

Product Options:
Add Anti-Crash Kit
Add Extra Main Blade
Transmitter Mode
Upgrade to Metal Version

Product Code: LATV33

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